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How to Make an Awesome Tribute Video

As with most industries, funerals have taken a move into the digital age. It’s not uncommon these days to see digital welcome signs, message boards and memorial tribute videos. A tribute video is a great way to celebrate your loved one and showcase many different parts of their life. Below are a few tips to keep in mind to make an awesome tribute video.

Decided How to Organize the Video

Choosing how to tell your loved one’s story is one of the first steps for a tribute video. There are many different avenues to take when it comes to the order for photos. You could choose chronological order to watch your loved one “grow up” on the screen or show photos in a random order. There’s also the option to group by different life events, styling that section of the video to match the theme of the photos. Whatever you choose, these photos are sure to bring a smile to the face of all who are viewing.

Don’t Forget About Video Clips

When creating a tribute video, don’t just limit yourself to photos. A large majority of people always have their phones on them and in the world of social media sharing, we’re always taking photos or recording. These can be especially meaningful when creating a tribute video. Photos can capture many things, but there’s nothing quite like hearing your loved one’s unmistakable laugh or hearing them say hello to the camera. These special moments will only serve to enhance your tribute video and make it seem like your loved one is right there with you.

Add Captions

Keep in mind that not everyone viewing your tribute video will recognize every single photo or event pictured. This is where captions come in. Captions are a great way to highlight specific photos, let people know what they’re seeing, and can even add some lightheartedness to the video. Along with telling what’s going on, captions could include information about your loved one, like their favorite quote, the organizations they were involved in, and the like.

Choose Music Your Loved One Would Enjoy

Tribute videos are often set to music, so don’t limit yourself! Choose songs that compliment the pictures, as well as songs that your loved one would have enjoyed themselves. Songs are a great way to personalize the story. You can add a couple’s wedding song as those photos play, or their favorite tune over photos of a particularly special memory.

Tribute videos are a fantastic modern way to honor your loved one. They open the door for the family and friends of the deceased to showcase special memories and tell a beautiful story of a life well lived. If you ever find yourself in the position of helping to create a tribute video, take a look at these tips to get yourself started and maybe, even start gathering elements for your own. What would you want to be featured in your tribute video?

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