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Monument Profiles

Monument profiles determine the shape of the top surface of the monument. The most common are discussed below and can usually be found as upright monuments and slant markers. Custom profiles are one of kind, hand carved or created with combination of hand work and computer programmed equipment. Let’s take a look at the common options for monument profiles.

Serpentine Top

A serpentine top is the most common modern profile. The top is slightly curved, with the center being higher than the outer edges. Another version of the serpentine is the exaggerated serpentine, which has the same shape, but is much more noticeable.

Flat Top

A flat top is level across the entire monument. This profile gives a squarer look, with clean lines.

Oval Top

An oval top is evenly rounded from left to right, giving way to flat sides.

Gable/Roof Top

A gable top is higher in the center, dropping down toward the ends. Two sides will come to the center point, giving it the appearance of a roof.

Apex Top

An apex top features a center point at the top of the monument, meaning all four sides come to a single point as a pyramid.

Custom Profiles

Custom profiles are created for each individual monument. Options range from conventional shapes, such as hearts and crosses, to unique teardrop, angels, or one-of-a-kind shapes.

We are almost to the end of our monument deep-dive with the Valiant Monument team! Next week, our last installment will touch on monument finishes, lettering and design.


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