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Monument Styles

Monuments can be found in a wide array of styles that allow for customization to fit your vision. From upright monuments to flush markers, below you will see some examples of the various options.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are the most common type of cemetery marker used today. An upright monument consists of two pieces, a tablet (or die) and a base. The tablet is the top piece, which typically contains most of the engraving and design and sits on top of the base. An upright monument allows for the most customization as there are two flat faces for engraving and design. Upright markers are easier to locate in most cemeteries and often resist the wear of the elements longer than other styles.

Slant Marker

A slant marker is a lower profile alternative to an upright. Like an upright monument, a slant marker has two components- a die and a base. However, due to their shape, a base in not always required. Slant markers have a vertical back and slant front face, making the base of the die large and wide. Because of this, a slant marker can be set without a base in some cases. A slant marker still offers a large area for lettering and engraving and can be made in a variety of sizes.

Bevel Marker

A bevel marker is a small marker with a slight slant, making it easier to read. Bevel markers a commonly found at the foot of each grave in a multi-grave plot. The usual measurement is 2 feet by 1 foot, with a polished top. Due to its smaller size, a bevel marker usually only consists of the name and dates of the decedent.

Flush or Flat Marker

A flush, or flat marker lies flat to the ground and are common in cemeteries that require a uniform appearance. Like bevel markers, their usual measurement is 2 feet by 1 foot, and they are rectangular in shape. A flat marker can be personalized through special lettering or carving.

Boulder Monuments

A boulder monument offers a unique, natural look, which allows the monument to stand out in the cemetery. When choosing a boulder monument, it is important to note that engraving options may be limited due to the uneven face. Often, a plaque with the deceased’s information is affixed to the boulder as an engraving alternative.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials are structures designed to permanently house cremains above ground. They are traditionally the size of a standard stone and can be placed on a grave as such. These memorials are a unique alternative for those who wish to be cremated, but do not wish to be buried in ground.

Custom Monuments

Custom monuments can come in many shapes, such as a heart, angel or even a soccer ball! These one-of-a-kind monuments are very personalized and often depict extensive carving, lettering, or other design features.

Now that we’ve discussed different shapes, we can take a look at the size and common material options for monuments and markers. Come back next week to learn about more options to customize and design an everlasting memorial.



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